1-2-1 Support
Bespoke programmes are created to work to achieve your needs. An initial consultation is conducted as the start of your support to identify your needs and what your support would entail. Ideally a 4-6 week programme is recommended to get the best outcome. However, what this looks like varies from individual to individual. Sessions are run in a location of your choice. We can also offer support through a communication method of your choice such as phone and teams/zoom/skype/google meet.

Workshops are excellent for clubs, teams, groups and organisations who want to learn practical skills to boost performance. You may need a one off workshop to improve aspects such as communication or introduce you to a certain psychological skill. However, you may want a series of workshops to be run to improve group dynamics or to run review sessions over a season. Whatever, your needs we can create a workshop for you.

Drop In Sessions
We can offer weekly drop in sessions at your club, to work with individuals or groups. Offered on a rolling monthly contract based at your club. You will get 10 hours of support to assist with your club needs. Usually sessions are offered 2.5 hours a week, bu can be altered to meet your needs and demands for support. These sessions can be offered in connection with a workshop to help embed aspects learnt through workshops and build a foundation or develop your club culture of structure.